Plan Printing

Affordable colour and black and white plan printing from A2 up to A0 size on our our HP high speed wide format printers Auckland CBD Colour Copy & Print.

Plan Printing

We offer affordable, full colour or black and white plan printing, from A2 up to A0 size, with our HP high speed wide format printers. For plans, site maps, technical sketches & drafts.


  • Full colour printing, copying and scanning
  • BW printing, copying and scanning
  • Wide format printing
  • Sizing:
    A2: 594mm x 420mm
    A1: 841mm x 594mm
    A0: 1189mm x 841mm
  • Custom size plans with 900mm maximum width
  • Any volume requirements available

Talk to us and get fast service from our friendly team. You can use our website to upload your files, or send them to us by email, or drop off a hard copy. We’ll make sure you get your plans as quickly as possible.